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Eva´S offers a unique treatment using the highest level of technology a technique with a procedure which stimulates the production of collagen in the skin by combining the technology of different machines, all of them fully authorised by ” Sanidad “.

It is known that collagen in one of the most common proteins in nature. This essential protein, that is widely distributed throughout the body, is part of the 80% of our make up.

The synthesis of collagen is one of the fundamental  functions that can be highlighted and associated with the aging process, which begins at approximately 20 years old and reaches its peak at around the age of 60.

As we age our bodies naturally perform a corrective synthesis of protein, which finalices in one of the processes responsable fo aging. This protein in mainly responsable for providing flexibility to organs and tissues, firmness and elasticity to all structures of the body with an emphasis on hydration of the body action.

Our technique can rejuvenate this action by up to 20 years with one sesión. ( All the technology that we use in the clinic is lincesed by ” Sanidad “.



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